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32mm resin from McVey Studios with scratchbuilt base.


On Steve Saleh …

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Last month I painted up these Spartans sculpted by Steve Saleh. This whole big block of 36 minis came as part of the prize for best painted in the Warhammer Historicals Tournament at Adepticon in Chicago this past April. That’s about 1,000 pts of Lakedaimonian goodness for all the nerds! They were a joy to paint, very quick, and have the best (read: largest sculpted)  hoplon shields I have seen on 28mm Greek minis.

I just heard that Gorgon Studios plans to re-release these excellent minis in the near future, along with Etruscans and more to come! They have the very talented Dave Pauwels painting for them, so I can’t wait to see the studio collection grow!

These particular models use a mix of plastic spears, some from Warlord Games’ plastic barbarian sprues, and others from Wargames Factory’s barbarian sprues. These days Wargames Factory offers more Greek-themed spears, swords and hoplons with their amazon and skeleton sets.


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Samurai, back view Samurai, side view

Samurai greens Samurai

Samurai, 28mm, completed May, 2008. This model is a plastic Citadel mini with a whole lot of sculpted epoxy putty to create the armor and Katana. This piece was started immediately after finishing the Inquisitor (busy month), and took roughly 150 hours to sculpt and paint. Great fun was had making the little 5mm orchids in the lower left corner from wire and paper. I hope to build and paint many more like him at some future point.

Inquisitor Soloman Lok

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Inquisitor Soloman Lok

Inquisitor Lok- text and back Inquisitor Lok- top Inquisitor Lok- side view Inquisitor Lok

This model took the Slayer Sword in the 2008 Baltimore Golden Demon painting competition. It took me around 200 hours to paint (after 150 or so whos counting anymore, right?). It stands 28mm high, about one inch.

Nurgle Maggot-Rider

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Champion of Nurgle on Maggot

Champion of Nurgle (Rear) Champion of Nurgle (Side)

Champion of Nurgle, Riding a custom Maggot. Heavy conversion, large use of green stuff.  Slightly rude, but check out the detail in the rear shot …  You don’t screw with Nurgle Maggots.

Goblin Squig Hopper

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Goblin Squig Hopper
Goblin Squig Hopper. Nice model, good example of Orc humor. (Normally a night goblin color scheme, I prefer my colors)

Roman Elephant

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Roman Elephant
Roman Elephant 3 Roman Elephant 2
Roman Elephant Miniature. Backdrop is the fort that I built.